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The 4 Best Protein Powder Brands

  Protein is a must when it comes to proper fitness. Spend any time around the gym and you are certain to see men and women guzzling down protein drinks or swapping stories about their favourite brands. There are many benefits to including protein powders into your fitness routine. A few scoops can give your [...]

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The 2 Most Essential Exercises For Beginners

                  You’ve got to start somewhere. Even the most athletic people in the world were beginners at some point! If you’re trying to improve your level of fitness and get healthy, there is no time to lose. Starting something new can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have [...]

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Get Fit On Your Honeymoon With Healthy Resort Vacations

  The party’s over…well, sort of. After the wedding comes the honeymoon. That means lots of romance and relaxation. It can also mean overindulging in food and alcohol, though. It may be tempting to overdo it when you are sitting back and enjoying the sunshine, but after you return home, you probably won’t love all [...]

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Notable Workout Clothes Brands

  Here’s the great thing about your workout clothes: you have options. In fact, there are more options now than ever before! Fitness gear and fashionable workout clothes are absolutely everywhere. To help you find the best brand for your budget and preferences, this rundown of the most notable will make let you know what [...]

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The Best Exercises For a Toned Butt

  Do you dream of having those enviable buns of steel? Many of us do. In order to get them, be prepared: it will take a bit of work. Toning your butt means doing the right exercises to target the area. It also requires you to do them regularly! The more you do, the more [...]

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Does Drinking Alcohol Really Impact Your Health?

Every health and fitness book has one main thing in common. What is it? They all urge you to avoid alcohol consumption at all costs. That means no cocktail at dinner and certainly none of those all-nighters! Yes, alcohol is one fitness no-no…. but why? Have you ever wondered why you’re supposed to avoid it? [...]

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Things To Consider When Starting a New Exercise Class

  Change can be a good thing. Just think about your fitness routine. It’s easy to get bored doing the [...]

Quick Fitness: Making The Most of Your Lunch Hour

  You have a lot to get done in a day. That includes a full day of work, taking care [...]

Eliminating Post-Exercise Breakouts

You just finished a seriously killer workout. Go you! You’re feeling like the superhuman warrior you are…until you pass by [...]

Handy Fitness Gadgets To Improve Your Workout

  Nothing stays the same forever. Not even the way that you workout! Some good workout clothes and a track [...]

The Benefits of Using a Fitness Inspiration Board

  Staying fit isn’t always easy. In fact, it is much easier to be inactive and eat whatever you want! [...]

Can Sleep Deprivation Cause You To Gain Weight?

You’re falling asleep at your desk and you’ve felt sluggish all day long. The solution? A quick pick me up. [...]