Green side table with the decor in the interior

What’s Going on in Your Bedroom?

Author: Amber French The space where you lay your head at night can be an important tool in the journey towards living your fullest and best life.  Most of us have more than enough space to hold all of our stuff. But, the thought of turning that space into a place that allow us to […]

Brown Bag School Lunch

Healthy Brown Bag Lunches For Adults

Author: Amber French Taking your lunch to where you work (even if you work from home) is a great idea regardless of your food choices.  Going to work without being prepared for the day is giving your health and nutrition choices over to someone else. Your someone else could be the vending machine, the leftover […]


Your Inner Gremlin: A Lesson in Self Sabotage

Author: Amber French I always hit a point in my health journey where I get really good at setting up road blocks for myself. It is usually right before I get to a goal I have set for myself. The closer I get to my intention the more roadblocks I encounter. It’s like I am […]